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Flexible Articulated Mulan Dress Up Doll

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Mulan's story: Mulan disguised herself as a man and joined the army instead of her father who was drafted. She made many achievements on the battlefield. After returning from service, she refused to be appointed and asked to return home for reunion. It was not until Mulan was dressed up again at home that her comrades discovered her female identity.

Height: 6.3 inches

Packing: boxed

1. The body joints of Mulan doll are flexible. So she can make a lot of moves.
2. Mulan doll's clothes can be changed. There are three styles in total. Mulan in pink dress is used when she is at home. She appeared in front of her family as a woman.
3. The two red styles are the styles of Mulan after she joined the army. She tied her hair up, just like the men in the military camp. A red dress made her look quite handsome.