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Crescent Moon Macramé Dreamcatcher (Free Shipping)

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Perfect-chiccosy and stylish.

These best-selling dreamcatchers are handmade with soft and luxurious cotton that is woven into macrame strings. Our Crescent Dreamcatcher is a beautiful bohemian decor to accentuate your home. 

- Harmonious Deep Sleep: It is said that dreamcatchers are renowned for their powerful mystical qualities; legend has it that they will trap bad dreams within their intricate web, allowing a more peaceful and deep sleep.

- Handmade With Love: Our Native American inspired dreamcatcher is hand made with natural materials and woven by our talented craftspeople.

- Ethical Materials: We use sustainable high quality materials to bring positive energy into your home and sleep.

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The unit as a whole is 35'' (90cm) in height.

Please note fairy lights are sold seperately.

  • Material: Woven Cotton

  • Length: 34"/ 90cm

Package Includes:

1 x Crescent Dreamcatcher


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