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Curling Game ( Shuffleboard ) - Tabletop Game

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If you plan to use it at a party or family gathering, we provide you with additional curling ball accessories, which you can match according to your needs

Such a fun game for teens and adults alike
, the great thing is, you'll find it's challenging enough that adults and kids can go head to head against each other, with no advantage either way. Unless of course the kids have been practicing secretly and come out and beat all the mums, dads, and the grandparents too. A truly wonderful family game

Fast and easy set-up table games for family and it plays oh so smooth, the elite sports curling game has ball-bearings inside the plastic "stones" and they do a great job of simulating the relative weight of the stones, while the surface is slippery enough to produce the ice-like effect of easily sending the stones too far. The kids will play this for hours as they get a feel for it

So compact for storage and travel, this is such a nice compact travel fun game for kids or adult games night. Takes up no space at all and includes a shiny rollout surface 47 inches long and 4 blue and 4 orange stones