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K9 Colorful Crystal Bead Curtain Car Decoration Diy Handmade Crystal Ornaments

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SPU: BP7101

The angel's wings are made of 6 beautiful rainbow colored swarovski crystals that sparkle in the light, while the angel's crystal body and head bend the light into beautiful rainbows to brighten up your home.


  • Unusual rainbow:&Nbsp;in the sunlight, this crystal ornament will bloom its beauty as a rainbow maker. Not only do you have the rainbow that the crystal ball prism has caught, but also the multicolored pot of light that the drop pendant brings with it.

  • Multipurpose crystal sun catcher:&Nbsp;these hanging crystal crystals are perfect for the kitchen, living room, chandelier Pieces&Nbsp;or any other place you like. Throws rainbow prisms into your room when the sun hits them.

  • It would be a perfect gift&Nbsp;for any occasion like baby shower, christening, rearview mirror charm, or anyone who loves angels.

  • Swarovski crystals are made from only the best materials&Nbsp;and are known around the world as the best in the industry for capturing and reflecting light.


  • Material: white crystal

  • Weight: 17g

  • Color: as shown

  • Size: 38mm

  • Length: 28cm

  • Package: 1 * rainbow angel crystal sun catcher