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Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit

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With guide intelligent flashing function, rich basic functions

It can guideally rotate the lamp head and adjust the flash angle and flash output, even for users with little flash photography experience.

You can also easily use the flash light to take pictures. The large volume of the flash and the wide range of playable lamp heads can handle a variety of shooting scenes.


Flash shooting is a shooting technique that is often used when using an external flash, but in the past it could only be adjusted manually based on experience.

It realizes guide rotation of the lamp heads via dual CPU and dual driving motors on the lamp heads.

Bounce flash function which guideally adjusts the flash angle has taken flash applications to a new level.

When the height from the ceiling exceeds about 7 meters (reference value),
and the camera's shooting angle exceeds 60° up or down, you can manually adjust
the corresponding angle and use the normal anti-shake flash mode for shooting.

Fresnel lens

The light distribution of the Fresnel lens of the lamp holder is even and soft

Light control receiver

The flash has its own light control receiver, which can receive the main light source at any time, trigger the flash, and easily realize the light control flash





Flash effect comparison


This can be seen from the comparison that the image is dim and the skin of the characters is less shiny when the flash is not used for shooting. The flash is fired from the front, and there are bright areas on the person's face in the image, and a larger shadow forms behind it. With fully guide shooting, not only are no shadows formed behind the characters, but natural imaging effects are also obtained.

Change the holding direction, it can be guideally adjusted to semi-guideally saves the flashing angle


When shooting, you'll often switch between holding the camera horizontally and holding the camera vertically. Different holding methods will change the flash angle accordingly.

When shooting at a steady rhythm, when changing the direction of the camera,
we can guide to adjust the angle of the flash to obtain the appropriate flash effect.

Wide flash angle of about 120 ° up and 180 ° left and right can be adjusted manually.




High-speed sync flash that improves photo performance in bright outdoor environments

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Specially customized for those of you who like photography! All for you!

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