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Wind Chime Lamp Solar Lamp Wind Chime Lamp Flower Hummingbird Color Changing Led Lamp Garden Lamp Courtyard Lamp

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Product description:

1: the internal chip circuit is connected at the factory. It contains a 1. 2v 600 ma battery and a solar chip 2v 100ma

2: after installation, please turn on the switch and hang it. The color led light will change continuously. The sensitive plate will operate automatically. When there is no strong light induction, the led will be turned on automatically

3: the geographical location of installing solar lamps must be in the section with sufficient lighting and not be blocked by any obstacles.

4: all items are packed in unified mail order box, 13 * 13 * 13. 5cm/1pc outer box: 55 * 27. 5 * 43cm / 24pcs

Matters needing attention

1: because the conversion efficiency of solar panels is affected by light intensity, the continuous luminous time of the lamp string will be different due to weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location and other factors. This is normal.

2: only when "on / off" is adjusted to "on", the lamp string can be charged.

3: do not soak the product in the water for a long time only.

4: please do not hit the product violently to avoid damage!

5: please read the installation and use instructions carefully!